Sunday, 22 February 2015

Some Terrain Items

Some scratch built terrain


  1. I love the rocky outcrop. What paints/process did you use; I always end up with something that looks painted, rather than looking like rocks...

  2. Hi Rab,

    I used a mixture of large stones from my garden and small stones sold as decorative aggregate by the bag at a local garden centre (a single bag will last forever).

    The basic shape is a 2mm mdf base built up with polystyrene.

    The stones are then fixed to this using a large tube of 'grab' adhesive (No-Nails or similar), blob it on then push the stones in, arranging them for a natural look, work the excess glue that comes between the stones with water and a paintbrush to blend it in. Make sure you wash the stones and aggregate thoroughly before use or you'll find that the adhesive just sticks to the dust on the surface - I glue the small rocks in when they are still damp.

    Once dry the expose polystyrene between the rocks is given a coating of brown decorators caulk which is covered with a layer of builders sand applied with a sieve whilst it is still wet. Tap off the excess and then spray with water from a plant mister bottle - this encourages the PVA in the caulk to soak into the sand and creates a good bond.

    I paint the whole piece with a household emulation (Crown: Whitby Brown) then when dry wash the rocks over with a thinned burnt umber. Painting continues with two more emulsion paints (not sure what the names are of these unfortunately) dry brushed in successively lighter colours. I pick the rocks out using the same base colours but each shade mixed 50:50 with a light grey emulsion - this picks the stones out but keeps the same tonal shades.

    After painting I add static grass in random patches and then add home made tufts of grass between the rocks and in areas where weeds etc. would normally grow.

    Best advice is to study pictures of real rocky outcrops and look at how the rocks form naturally, then try for something similar.

    Hope that helps - good luck with making some of your own