Friday 27 February 2015

Dr Diabolikal and his Cyborg Minions

The Diabolical Dr Diabolikal with his bodyguards Rigor and Mortis - Dr Diabolikal is an oop Citadel Traveller miniature, Rigor and Mortis are 28mm figures from EM4 and the cyborgs are from The Scene at

Sunday 22 February 2015

Alien Swarm

An Alien Swarm - GW Tyranid Rippers and other models used for 15mm Gruntz

Some Terrain Items

Some scratch built terrain

Security Forces

Security troopers with Armoured Police van - 15mm Khurasan Police with Matchbox SWAT van

Drone Army for Gruntz

Drones form the bulk of the army. The concept is to use the same base model with slight variations to give homogeneous look - Games Workshop Necron Scarabs reversed and mounted on flight bases

Close up of Drone unit

Detonator Drones - representing old drones beyond repair that have been packed with explosives and are sent into enemy units to self detonate - basic scarabs modified by removing parts and 'damaging' the armour plate/

Drone Fire Support - GW Necron Destroyers converted with magnet mounts for varied weaponry